Independence day celebration:

The Independence Day has special place in the heart of every Indian. At Risekids Pre-School our little learners celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm. The students did different activities to showcase their talents and proved that how much talented are they. The wonderful celebration was started with unfurling the nation flag by our honorable Principal ma’am and national anthem was sung by our staff and risekidians. Following the speech of Principal ma’am risekidians took pledge. Sweetest and littlest stars of our school gave their beautiful dance performance on patriotic songs.

Children’s Day Celebration

Risekids Pre-School celebrated Children’s Day, a day dedicated to them, with full zeal and fervor. The day commemorated with immense joy, enthusiasm and magnificence. The celebration began with a special assembly where a video on Chacha Nehru was shown. Children also gave exuberant dance performances. The assembly was followed by a variety of fun filled activities such as puppet show, magic show, and games planned by the teachers for their little learners. Thus the students enjoyed the day with smiling faces.

International Dance Day:

International Dance Day celebration Risekids Pre-School, Kavi Nagar. Our learners enjoyed some foot-tapping music and dance moves to celebrate International Dance Day!! Children were encouraged to listen for instructions and to complete a variety of movements.

Diwali celebration

To make the students understand the importance of Diwali, Risekids Pre-School had a celebration in school premises.The school was fully decorated with hand crafted things made by little learners with the help of their caregivers. Teachers explained the importance of Diwali, the festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Risekidians performed on stage with great enthusiasm. Diya decoration was done by the kids with Diya painting activity in which the students decorated Diya’s with colors and glitters. Games were also there for their enjoyment and fun. Principal ma’am encouraged little learners to celebrate Diwali in eco friendly manner. They both Teachers and students enjoyed the Diwali celebrations wholeheartedly.

Childhood is life

Risekids Pre-School realize that every child is different; no two children even from the same family are alike. Hence our curriculum is diverse – where sky is the limit. We provide child an environment where they can ‘Grow With Love’! We recognize that the first five years of a child, is a time of child enormous growth in linguistic, conceptual and social competence. We focus not only on ‘learning’ and not only on ‘play’, instead we focus on ‘learning through play’. Children will surely enjoy activities such as Music and Dance, Arts and Crafts, Junior Yoga, Junior Chef, Junior Scientist, Public Speaking, Story Time, Dress Up Days, Concepts, Puppet Show, Drumming lessons and many many more.
We follow the child-centered, play-based approach to learning which invites each child to develop different skills in ways which interest them.With new and unique themed activities each week, our children experience the best ways to learn and explore!

Story telling activity

Teacher-led Story Telling activities for the little learners engage and entertain them in a fruitful way. Teacher presents her story with big book, creative gestures and facial expressions. During the session children discovered the joy of story-telling and developed their interest in learning. These kind of interactive sessions where the kids are encouraged for creative thinking, improve their verbal proficiency, imaginative skills, listening skills, sharp memory, emotional quotient and many more skills.

Music and Movement session

Through our daily music and movement sessions children learn skills like balance, control and coordination. Singing and movement is also good aerobic exercise which results in physical fitness and overall good health. The facial expressions, movements, coordination, gestures and balance required to act out a rhyme help children develop their motor skills.



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