Mama, I want to go to school every day!


Risekids pre-schools offer a  4 hour day. Our programme is filled with a variety of  activities – ranging from academics to music and  movement  and fun and play. Each minute of their day is used effectively and purposefully to achieve the curriculum goals and learning outcomes.

Mama, I did yoga today!


Our curriculum also includes a scientifically developed Physical Education Program which combines elements of Yoga, Aerobics and Music and Movement.

Mama, I am learning so much and having so much fun!


Our programme does not teach children values. It teaches them to value themselves and others. We demonstrate the value of playtime for learning and development. Our programme depends on the family and community as we value these relationships. Most of all we teach children the value of being ‘Indian’.

Mama, I learnt so much today… on the smart board in my class!


We believe that children of today have to be prepared for tomorrow. We are the first Pre-School to use technology as a teaching support. Children born in the 21st century are naturally inclined to use technology and our effective and age appropriate customised content makes learning both relevant and meaningful.

Mama, I want to be……….


Our goal is to facilitate the development of each child with the specific purpose of allowing him or her to become a joyful person, a creative and confident thinker, a caring and compassionate individual capable of being independent, responsible and gracious while facing everyday challenges.



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