RISEKIDS celebrates the individual child. At RISEKIDS, our priority is the happiness of our learners. We want every child to feel safe and secure and endeavour to create a caring, supportive environment that enables each individual to develop and shine. When a child steps through our doors we aim to take them on an exhilarating journey of learning, growth and discovery. Risekidians are encouraged to be independent, critical thinkers with enquiring minds and a love for learning. Throughout, we emphasise the importance of kindness, consideration and respect and maintain high expectations of behaviour and good manners at all times.We are a best-in-class early childhood education school focused on social and academic success. Our mission is to make students happy and parents feel confident in their child’s future.

• RISEKIDS is a pre-school offering, which combines the best pedagogical practices of early education and the only pre-school curriculum that uses 21st century educational solutions.

• We believe that the blended mix of self-directed learning together with trained teacher-led instruction provides each developing mind with the perfect platform to succeed on their educational journey.

• The RISEKIDS curriculum believes that every young learner has the potential to become a competent learner provided the right tools and methodology is adopted.



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