Making Your Preschooler’s First Pre-school Days Count

Making Your Preschooler’s First Pre-school Days Count


You have seen your toddler playing with toys and going on play dates with his friends. It’s the time when your little one feels a sense of excitement in everything new and unknown. Definitely, till now stuffed toys, car, trains and many other exciting things have played a crucial role in your kid’s life. It’s a sheer joy to prepare the little one for the first day at play school. For the kid this introduction is crucial in more than one ways. Needless to say that as a parent, it’s a transition period for you as well. Here are few tips that are aimed at making this transition smooth and enjoyable for both your and the little learner.

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Idea 1: Make mornings relaxed

Get up early in the morning and let your little one relish the moments of preparation. Making haste dampens the spirit of early life joy. Give your kid space to grow and cherish the moments of growing years.

Idea 2: Reach school early

Reaching school early is a great idea since it ensures complete enjoyment your kid. If you are before time then you little one can be mentally prepared for the following actions of the day.

Idea 3: Bring a comfort object along

As per school’s rules, you can bring some comfort object like blanket, stuffed toy or something your little one likes. In this way your kid will feel a sense of belonging with his school environment.

Idea 4: Wear a big smile, always

Always keep your tensions and anxiety inside you and let your little one know you as an ever smiling personality. It’s a great idea to inculcate a habit of positive thinking and make your kid see life through green glasses.

Idea 5: Be there but at a safe distance

For first few days, being in the school premise is required but remember this presence should not become your child’s dependence. At the end of the day your job is to let teacher take over the show.

Idea 6: Say goodbye in a short & sweet manner

Saying goodbye to your kid should be a short and sweet affair. Lingering on there can change child’s mood and make things difficult. Let the child be ready for the learning environment in full spirit.

Certain hiccups are bound to happen but that doesn’t mean they are here to stay. Try to handle situation with minimum interference. As a parent doing this might be a little difficult but that’s how things work best. So, get ready for an experience that will be with you there forever.

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