Drawing Competition

Risekids, Vaishali held drawing competition on 17th Jan 2016.


All the participants were very enthusiastic and in high spirits, eager to take part in the competition. Competition was divided into four groups:-

  • Age group 0-4yrs : In this group, mother or father had to create some art with their child’s handprints and finger prints. It was very interesting to see that fathers were also taking part and showing their best.
  • Age group 4-8yrs: In this group children were given a picture to colour. All the participants filled lovely colours and made the picture look like real.
  • Age group 8-12yrs and 12- 16yrs: This age group were given topic Republic Day/ Basant Panchami. We were surprised to see the creativity of kids. All the entries were fabulous.


These competitions offer children some great lessons of life:

  • They are given some guidelines and deadline in which they have to work, which prepares them to work for a specific goal.
  • It builds self confidence as child goes from “I can draw” to entering and winning (might be) the contest.
  • It improves their skill level as they are taught no matter what they do, they should do it well.
  • Win or lose doesn’t matter, what matters is he/she has tried, which is the first step to success. If they win they will learn to be winner n joy of reward and if they lose they will learn how to deal with disappointment and being a good sport.

We would like to thank every participant for such overwhelming response.




Drawing Competition

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