Technology and the pre-schooler

Technology and the Pre-Schooler

Children today are surrounded by new technologies, embedded in their everyday experiences. Their experience, technology everywhere, whether it is in the form of the home PC, the TV remote, mobile phones or even the cash register at the supermarket. In RISEKIDS (Play school in Ghaziabad and Faridabad) we believe in exposing our young preschoolers to ICT, i.e. A combination of Information Communication and Technology.

Technology and the Pre-Schooler

As parents, you can support our program in several ways. Do you have concerns for your child’s virtual safety in a technological new world about which you may be uncertain?

As a parent, it will be up to you to decide what will suit your child and family best. Just remember that ‘screen time’ reduces the opportunities for children to experience ‘real time’ and may impact skills such as communication development, social interactions and physical activity.

Adults in the family can set a good example by being sensible about their own screen use and putting simple ground rules in place, for example, “no phones at mealtimes” and “no screens for an hour before bedtime.”

However, do use your devices to enjoy activities together like singing songs and rhymes or even watch a favorite cartoon. Games to develop numeracy and literacy are very enjoyable too, and can aid learning.

  • Allow your children to play with toy telephones to improve their communication skills.
  • Show them how to send a photograph through the mobile phone.
  • Allow them to use the dial pad as you call out the numbers.
  • Ask them to say a special message for a loved one as you type it out and send it via SMS.

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