What to look for in a Best Play School?

What to look for in a Best Play School?

Best Play school is the first step taken towards being Independent. It is the time of joy, excitement and learning.
  • Child is completely dependent on the school staff to be looked after. So, how the staff members of the schools are behaving with a child matters a lot. How they are talking to a child, pitch of their voice, how they are welcoming a child when he / she enters a school. Ratio between teacher and a learner matters, as in a Pre School each child needs attention. The fewer kids per teacher the more one-on-one attention child will receive.The staff and teachers should be welcoming and easy to approach.
  • A Best play School should have welcoming and friendly atmosphere and be known for its nurturing environment and stimulating curriculum.
  • Outdoor Play Area – This is the age where we shouldn’t force a child to read or write. Child can learn through play as well. So make sure that the school focuses on free play and exploration. So look for a play area within the school only.best play school in indirapuram
  • The playschool which is focusing on creativity , building self confidence in a child , giving many Stage Exposures and developing a child not only mentally or physically but also Socially or Emotionally.
  • What technology school is using as a teaching support. Do school uses a variety of methods to teach letters, numbers, shapes, and new vocabulary words?
  • The best playschool should encourage hands-on learning   such as learning science concepts with water ,sand, bubbles, air etc  
  • Today safety is much more important than any other points. So, look for schools which are well guarded and well gated all the time. There has to be somebody next to the door all the time. The playschool should preferably be on the ground floor to avoid any accidents due to climbing on to stairs etc.
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene: Playschool should be well maintained and clean. Each toys, mats, corners of the racks, washrooms, park area, rides, classes, furniture’s should be clean. Daily refreshment should be fresh and should be prepared in a clean kitchen.
  • Manners and Etiquettes that school is going to teach to a child, washing hands, table manners, wishing people,sharing things with others, how to walk, sit, stand or talk etc.
  • The caring staff, unique learning environment will promote your child’s personal and academic success in a fun, nurturing learning environment while also preparing them for kindergarten and beyond.


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