Criteria for selecting the Best Play School

“Criteria for selecting the Best Play School” Playschool which is the foundation stage is very important  because it is the platform for further learning . Education nowadays is not just about passing schools or colleges. The challenge 21st Century education is about initiative, creativity, problem solving, exploration, innovation, responsibility, leadership and much more. Preparing our […]

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What is expected from a best preschool?

What is expected from a best preschool? Children are the blooming flowers of tomorrow. They are our future leaders. Best Preschool is a stepping stone for a child in the world of education. It is an environment in which they learn to share, to interact, to be expressive, to follow instructions, learn self discipline and to […]

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Why Environment of a Play School Matters

Why Environment Play School Matters? High quality early childhood programs help the child learning with play. Under these programs kids learn sense of competence and self-worth grow as help others, keep personal belongings at appropriate place, managing their emotions and many more. These programs help children to develop the behaviour required to function successfully for […]

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