Criteria for selecting the Best Play School

“Criteria for selecting the Best Play School”

Playschool which is the foundation stage is very important  because it is the platform for further learning . Education nowadays is not just about passing schools or colleges. The challenge 21st Century education is about initiative, creativity, problem solving, exploration, innovation, responsibility, leadership and much more. Preparing our children as dynamic as today’s world, is the real challenge for today’s education.

Best play school Environment should help child to feel competent, learn to  trust adults, personally and socially and build the strong foundation for rest of the education .

Importance of Preschool : Playing and Learning Environment in early childhood

Preschools teach children how to be students so that they are more prepared when kindergarten begins. Children who don’t attend preschool often face separation problems with their parents  at the start of  formal school  and also face difficulty in following instructions, rules, and regulations .The child will learn many social and cognitive skills in the preschool environment such as being  respectful, sharing toys with friends ,learning basics through play way method ,Vocabulary development .Such skills are very important in the development of a child as they progress through school.

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Criteria for selecting the Best Play School

Sending your child off to school can be a very emotional time for parents   so when looking for a playschool you need to fully understand what the Best playschool should offer you and your child.

A Best playschool should have welcoming and friendly atmosphere and be known for its nurturing environment and stimulating curriculum  There should be  wide  variety of learning and playtime activities, based on the interests and abilities of the children .There should be opportunities  that stimulates children to explore and discover .

One of the most important things while selecting  a playschool  is what is  the philosophy of the school. The school focuses on play, exploration and creativity. Research shows that children learn more in exploratory and open ended environments verses formal instruction when they’re young. So make sure that the school focuses on free play and exploration .

Check for  teacher-to-student ratio. The fewer kids  per  teacher the more one-on-one attention  child will receive. Make sure the preschool you select is security and has safety routines are in place which will help you feel better about leaving your child every day.

The caring staff, unique learning environment will promote your child’s personal and academic success in a fun, nurturing learning environment while also preparing them for kindergarten and beyond. 

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